How Depression Happens

By Emesomi Obaze

The truth is, depression is lonely. It has no friends
It is all alone and it wants you to be there with it.
Depression does not care about your age or status or level.
All it cares about is you.
Ironic right? How something that leaves you worse than it met you cares for you.
It wants all of you, your mind, all of it.
It believes that if it can even for a second make you think that life would be better without you in it, then it wouldn’t be so lonely anymore.

I’ve had my fair share of depression;
I did the tango with it at night and shared (shed) tears on the bathroom floor.
It was there with me, encouraging me as I decorated my skin with blades.
It showed me the best outfits to wear to cover up my blade-tattoos.
I wanted out but it wasn’t having it.
No one told me that being friends with depression was equivalent to dancing with the devil.

My therapist said I do not give myself enough love;
That I do not let love in or let it out.
How was I supposed to love something that was so desecrated and defiled;
Worse, how was I to let others love me.

I know what you are going through;
I know you feel unseen,
But I see you.
You feel ugly, used and rejected,
But you are a wonderful piece of art.
I love you;
I only hope it is enough for you to love yourself.

Emesomi Obaze, popularly known as Emmy is a Public Health Enthusiast with an interest in Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities.
She is a budding writer who loves to read books, binge watch movies and series, eat junks and, she loves children.



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